by Alex Jacque

“AdjustMargins batch adjusts the left and right margins on your glyphs. The amount you with to add/subtract from the margins on your selected glyph(s) (e.g. 100, -20, 42, -5). You can also use the = operand followed by a number to set the margin(s) explicitly to that measurement, or you can enter a glyph name to have the margins of your selected glyphs(s) to be changed to that glyphs margin measurements (e.g. =15, =-50, =A, =Oacute, =uni20B9).” I’m very impressed with the polished UI, and smart little icons!



by Andy Clymer

“Control Board is a RoboFont extension for communicating with Arduino-compatible devices using the Firmata library.”

Make buttons, press buttons, RoboFont does stuff. Andy goes on: “It turns physical input events from components connected to the Arduino (pressing buttons, toggling switches, turning knobs) into ControlBoardInput event notifications, and turns ControlBoardOutput notifications into changes in state of the output components connected to the board (toggling LEDs on and off or changing the color of RGB LEDs, moving motors, etc.)”

Andy is a super nice guy and a true G. In fact, his work on Obsidian has him up for the Robofont Extensions True G of the Year Award. Good luck Andy.


by Loïc Sander

“This script’s mission is simple: keep stem widths consistent while you fiddle with proportions of a glyph. It manages that by trying to compensate for scale deformations through interpolation. To do that, it requires at least two masters (a regular and bold for instance). This way, you can easily produce scaled versions of existing glyph for any purpose you see fit, small capitals, superiors, extended or condensed styles, scaled up, down, etc. Any transformation you input can be saved as a preset for a later use. Presets are stored inside the ufo file of the first master font (see below), but you can use presets stored in any of the open fonts available when using ScaleFast.” This extension shares many features with Frederik’s ufoStretch.

example-scalefast-6 example-scalefast-7