by Nina Stössinger

“Looking through your kerning, you try to catch them: colliding glyph pairs. But did you remember to check your i-diacritics against your superior numerals, ogoneks against brackets, the dcaron against the asterisk? Touché can take some guesswork out of things by listing the pairs whose black bodies touch, taking spacing and kerning into account.”



by Nina Stössinger

Nina’s word-o-mat is an incredibly useful way of getting a customized list of words into the Space Center. From Nina’s GitHub: “Looking for words that contain ‘q’ but not ‘u’? Or French words that use an ‘a’, a ‘g’, at least one ascender, and one diagonal, but only the ones you’ve marked green? Or words in which to see a specific letter combination, like ‘fk’ or ‘Yc’? This is the sort of thing that word-o-mat can help you with. It’s an extension for RoboFont that generates words for use in type sketching, spacing, testing etc.”