Version Control

by Alexander Lubovenko

“Version Control allows saving the current glyph as version and managing these versions. For example, if you draw a glyph and doubt in correctness of current position you can save it as the version and continue drawing. Then, if necessary, return to any previous versions, manage them, compare with current or view all glyph revisions in SpaceCenter, replace the drawing of current glyph with version`s drawing or delete it.”

Screenshot 2015-05-16 17.26.57


by Nina Stössinger

“Looking through your kerning, you try to catch them: colliding glyph pairs. But did you remember to check your i-diacritics against your superior numerals, ogoneks against brackets, the dcaron against the asterisk? Touché can take some guesswork out of things by listing the pairs whose black bodies touch, taking spacing and kerning into account.”