by Frank Grießhammer

“Robofont extension to show quick information about point selection.
This extension lives in a tiny space in the top left of the glyph window.
When two or more points are selected, the exension will show information about the horizontal and vertical distance between those points. If the points are not on a horizontal or vertical line, the extension will also show the diagonal distance and the angle between the selected points.”



by Font Bureau

“In the current glyph window, this extension will unobtrusively display a readout of the unicode character represented by the current glyph, its hex unicode value(s), and the unicode name. This is especially handy to reference when you are working with hard-to-use glyph names, unfamiliar characters, or alternate glyphs that do not contain unicode values.”


by Timo Klaavo

“Scaling Edit Tool for RoboFont is a mouse and keyboard controlled version of what are better known as Interpolated Nudge tools, made famous by Christian Robertson When moving oncurve points, offcurve points are scaled in relation to neighboring oncurve points. The tool works on both bicubic and quadratic bezier curves, and open and closed contours.”